Grad Comments about Computer Science at PMHS

I don't know exactly what made your classes stick out in my mind when I went off to college. Either it was the your excellent teaching skills, the slower pace, or the fun activities we did with the course work (the fish env, the one env where we drew things) but during college I always felt that I had a step up on most of my classmates because I've been through it before and written the code. I can't thank you enough for my great grades that were contributed directly from your classes.

Computer science helped me in the field of cognitive science and was an extremely rewarding course overall, contributing to conceptual learning in the fields of logic, mathematics and technology. I'd recommend increasing the amount of computer science courses taught at Pat-Med because computer science is inexorably linked to all aspects of life these days. I was also able to help others in computer classes using the knowledge that I had attained in computer science.

The AP credit allowed me to get way ahead in the graduation path. Being ahead will allow me to get my MEng in just one extra semester. The Java material helped me be ahead in many second year courses that I took. It developed my interest in the material. If I was never exposed to it, I may never have majored in Computer Science. Computer Scientists are in high demand, and I am reasonably certain that I will have a job when I graduate, and jobs are scarce.

After taking the HS course I had a jump start into my actual field having a better understanding of the introductory course work. In my school, I have a lot of friends in our business program. The business students do a lot with computers and accounting, but on numerous occasions I have had friends come to me and ask for specific HTML help for projects and assignments they were asked to complete. I have not yet taken an HTML course in my university but with the help from the HS course I was able to help out my friends and give them the assistance they needed to help them through the HTML chapters of their course load. Should these business students have had prior knowledge from a HS course like I did, they too would have excelled in that chapter of their work.

Helped me decide my major in college. I'm currently one of 20 freshman students in the cs honors program at stonybrook because of how well you taught me. I learned so much about computers in general that i use every single day.

I believe in the future courses the PMHS Coomputer Science will benefit me.

Emphasis on commenting code and spending time designing code has really helped in my professional career. Also moving between different programming languages in the earlier courses helped me understand what it is to be a computer scientist and not just a C++ programmer.

Before taking Computer Science courses at PMHS, I never really knew what I wanted to do with my life. I bounced ideas of very random things, that I was unsure of if I wanted to do. Taking the Comp Sci classes at PMHS had helped me determine that I wanted to be a Computer Science major.

Mrs. Bucaria came to my Math Class in 8th grade at Saxton MS and spoke about these course offerings. After her talk I decided to take the web design course. I think that class was one of my favorite that I took in high school. Even moreso now, there are so many students with blogs and personal webpages that would love this class. I went on to take an upper-level web programming class in college, but the basic knowledge I learned in this HS course helped out a lot. In college, there are a lot of opportunities to join student groups and most of these groups have a webpage. Therefore, there are a lot of web master opportunities that would look wonderful on any resume. I was a web master for my Greek organization for 2 years. After a great experience in the web design course, I decided to go on to the AP level courses. I was one of the few people in my college-level CS courses that had the opportunity to take CS classes in high school. I believe this gave me a huge advantage in understanding the material and performing well. I also feel as though most college students would not take a CS class as a general elective due to the difficulty and time commitment so I am thankful to have had the chance to take this coursework in high school otherwise I doubt I would have chosen to pursue this field (and love it). At UGA, the Intro to CS class fulfilled the “quantitative reasoning” degree requirement that otherwise would need to be filled by a Math, Physics, Philosophy, or Statistics course, regardless of what major you were in. Regardless of the tremendous opportunity of acquiring AP credit (which unfortunately I did not receive), CS classes help you to think in a logical and quantitative manner. This can be beneficial to anyone pursuing a degree in statistics, law, medicine, etc. and personally, I would even attribute it to helping with performance on the SATs, LSATs, GRE etc.

Better understanding of computer programs and processes

I am Majoring in Accounting and Im thinking about minoring in computer science

computer science has helped develop my problem solving skills and analytical skills that you need to be a doctor. These classes were awesome and very interesting enjoyed every year i took of it

Taking Computer Science at PMHS gave me the opportunity to place out of several general education requirements and therefore allowed me to pick up a minor and take classes that interested me.

Mrs. Bucaria your two AP computer science classes helped me so much to have a basis and feel a step a head pf many other students who hadn't taken any cs courses. Also I used many of the projects and programs we completed in class as references for my current work.

It helped post high school, so far anyway, because I placed out of one or two classes in college. Also, a lot of new requirements for both economics and physics deal with basic computer programming. I am not sure how yet because I haven't got there but I have heard that they do.

I still use most of the examples I learned in Comp Sci in High School I still use to help classmates and I was able to use the ASCII Art assignment in my interview for my internship.

Although I did not pursue computer science in college, I can say that taking all of the courses helped a lot. It was very easy for me to pick up programs such as Matlab, which has been used in most of my classes since junior year!

My AP Computer Science courses at PMHS definitely gave me a huge head start with my college CS courses, and instilled a deep interest in the field. Thanks Mrs. Bucaria!

Gave me a new way of thinking.

The (now defunct) computer science program at Farmingdale was horrid, and it's safe to say I learned more from my few semesters with you and Ms. Moshman than I did attaining my Associate's degree at that college. Since I've switched majors, the specifics of what I had learned become less and less relevant, but the intimate atmosphere inherent in your classrooms helped me grow out of being a mere test taker (as the rest of my high school classes aimed to do), and into more of a thinker and problem solver. It was in those computer science classes that I learned that many problems have more than one solution; but not all solutions are equally optimal. Thanks!

CS in HS prepared me a lot for college. I received credit for my CS1 course because of it, and it provided a very solid foundation of knowledge. My first 3 CS courses felt like cake walks because I had already learned (or learned the basics of) each facet of what they covered in my HS CS classes. RIT has a bit of a problem with retention rates, especially with CS students, due to its rigorous courses and schedule. More often than not when talking to those who switched majors they often hadn't taken CS in HS, and as such weren’t as prepared for college CS. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the other benefits of CS in HS, the ones that did not directly affect my academics. Just simply having a class available to like minded aspiring geeks to be together, solve problems together, and grow friendships has really been the biggest boon. I still am in touch with, and am even business partners with, many of my HS CS classmates. Even in highschool we would take what we learned in CS and apply it to projects and games we programmed back then! This kind of thing is something I have never seen happen to another HS class, only have I seen HS CS classes facilitate such growth and learning. Not having the CS classes in HS would have stifled much of my peers and myself.

Didn't take Computer Science, but loved Web Design and Java. Gave me some basics in both fields and some basic knowledge in fields I'd otherwise know nothing about. Alway a useful tool!

I have to take two computer classes my liberal arts requirements. The first class was a simple class on how to use Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. The second class which I will be taking next semester will be Intro to Computer Programming. I am planning to use what I learned from both AP Comp Sci classes to earn an easy A.

I took a discrete mathematics course and computer science was phenomenally helpful for the logic part of it. Also, a lot of business revolves around using excel. A lot of the formulas in excel are similar to the ones we used in computer science. The certain way of thinking about problems that computer science got ingrained in my brain has helped me more than I could have ever imagined.

When taking the introductory programming course at school, it really helped to have a prior background in computer science and made it that much easier to succeed in the course.