Welcome to Michael Milano's Mets Page!!

The mets have been around for many years now, 46 to be percise. In 1964 the New York Mets
have been playing in Shea stadium which is there playing field. The Mets have had some of
the best players on their team such as: Tom Seaver, Gary Carter, Mike Piazza, Tom Glavine
and many more great names that will go on to make it into the hall of fame. If you click some of
the links above they will lead you to much more info about the current New York Mets and what
they are up to. In 2009 the Mets will be moving to a brand new stadium called Citi-Field. If you
click the link above it will give you pictures and tell you alittle about it. I hope you like the
website and learn more about the 2008 New York Mets.