Final Project HTML

***This grade will also count as a double grade for the second quarter!!!!!!

Name__________________________    Project Topic_______________________    

Period___________    Date____________________

You will be constructing a major web presentation. The topic must be approved by me or a maximum grade of 50% will be earned. Your project needs to contain proof of mastery of the following topics. Each topic will be graded on a scale of 1-8 points. The last 12 points will be based on how hard you worked in class and how creative you presentation is. If you finish 5 days early and do nothing else do not expect a full 12 points.

(1 - 11 are up to 8 point each)

1) _______________HTML-TITLE-BODY Tags(text, bgcolor, background tags, alink, vlink, link)

2) _______________Text formatting (P, BR, HR, B, I H(1-6)),CSS - external style sheets are the best but internal or inline can be used for some credit

3) _______________Lists (ul,ol,dl,li)

4) _______________Links - to other pages and to other sites

5) _______________Targets - Internal Links

6) _______________Tables (also for formatting pages)

7) _______________Images (height , width, borders, photoshop sizing and design)

8) _______________Iframes

9) _______________Imagemaps

10) _______________Forms (survey)

11) _______________Java Script (rollovers, pop-up boxes, tickerscroll, other) - something from Dynamic Drive

12) _______________Creativity and Overall Presentation (12 points)

__________________Total Points Earned

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