Lists Assignment - Schedule and States

Lists Webpage Assignment for HTML

PART 1 - Make a page called schedule.html that has you school schedule on it. For each of the eight periods you need to list the course, teacher, room and bell schedule. This should be a list within a list.

PART 2 - You will be designing a webpage that will utilize the HTML tags you have learned for lists to increase your knowledge on five States in the United States.

1) Make a folder called states that will be the container for your page and for all your images.
2) Open the Template.html in notepad then resave into the states folder as index.html.
3) Choose five states you don't know much about or that you might like to visit.
4) For 5 states list the Governor, capitol, bird, motto, and two tourist attractions.

Each state needs to have a heading that could be created in or in Adobe Photoshop.

Grading - 80 points - Accomplishing the above
Additional points can be earned if you add in pictures, more information and links to interesting high quality websites for each state.

HAVE FUN!!! Try to learn something new while you are doing this!! The United States has so many interesting places to go and see. Maybe this will give you some ideas for a future vacation. The juniors and senior might also get ideas on a state they would like to find colleges in.

This is the code to get an image as the bullet on a list. The image must be in the same folder as the this case it is bullet.jpg.

<li style="list-style:url('bullet.jpg') inside"> Period 1</li>