Links/Tripod Assignment

1)Make a folder called bookmarks
2)Open the template and resave into the bookmarks folder as index.html Your page will act as an online bookmark page for websites you frequently go to. Having this page online you will have access to it whether you are on your home computer or on a computer somewhere else.

Your pages requirements are: A total of at least 15 links:

-one email link
-5 image links - an image acts as a link to another site
-9 other links

Make your index.html page for tripod by opening template.html and index.html into your HTML folder not one of the other folders. Test in your h drive then upload to tripod and Delete the index.htm that is already in the main directory of your tripod account.

This is the code that would be in your main index.html that will link to your other projects. You can make your main page as nice as you want with a header and nice color and fonts!

<a href="bookmarks/index.html">Favorite Links Page</a>

<a href="countries/index.html">My Countries Project</a>

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