Internal Links - Colleges

Internal Linking -( Anchors,Targets)

Name this page: index.html and save it in a folder called colleges folder.

<a href="#scholarships">Scholarships Sites</a> - Link to a target

<a name="scholarships"> - Target

You are to create a single web page that gives college information and has four sections:

1.Table of Contents - This will be links to the items listed below.

  • Favorite Colleges/Universities/Military Institutions - Link to their homepages
  • Favorite Scholarship Sites - Link to the sites
  • Favorite Majors with a description
  • Other Sites of Importance to College Bound Students - Common Application, Bed Bath and Beyond, Suny Application, ACT, Collegeboard - Link to the sites

    Use internal links - Anchors and Targets:

    1. Each of the entries in the table of contents should be a link to that section.
    2. Each section should have a link back to the table of contents.
    3. Each section should have at least 4 items in it.

    Use lists (ordered and/or unordered) and text formatting to make this page attractive and easy to use. The above is an 90 - other point will be added for using images and other added extras.