Images and Fonts Webpage Assignment

Choose your favorite country. Make an image in,, or Adobe Photoshop with the name of that country that you will use as a header. Find images of that countries leader, flag, a map and a picture of some valuable commodity for that country. Also find the words of their national anthem and their population and put them on page.

Using an assortment of image borders, image alignments and fonts make a page with all the images and the written information.

You page should also provide three high quality links to sites with information on your country.

<font size=4 color=ff0000 face=tahoma >

<img src=logo.gif border=3 alt=pmlogo height=122 width=100 align=left,right,top,bottom,middle >

<br clear=left or right > - Used to stop left and right alignment.

<!-- This is a comment tag use -->