AB Computer Science in Java

Final Projects - Have fun!!:)
Memory.zip - Download, unzip and change the output path directory to the correct classes folder.
BattleShipProg.zip -Download, unzip and change the output path directory to the correct classes folder.

Download Student Files - put on desktop then just copy files as they are needed.

  • Files Project

  • Quadratic - equals, toString, compareTo

  • AsciiPetOwner - ArrayLists and Iterators

  • Linked Lists From Scratch - Iterators

    Sparse Matrix Assignment

  • Sparse Matrix Assignmeng - .pdf file
    Use the files below to make SparseProgchap34 in JCreator. Make SparseProg then attach the four files below.
    - Sparse.java
    - RowNode.java
    - ColNode.java
    - SparseProg.java

  • CharMatrix.java - For Hex Prog

    BSTProg Files - Download the three files and make new project called BSTProg. You will need to complete the recursive remove and RemoveRoot methods as they only return null at the moment.

  • BSTProg.java
  • TreeNode.java
  • MyTreeSet.java

    Morse Code Assignment


    JMBS Unit 5


    Maze Stacks Assignment
    When you make the new JCreator project make it an application and call it MazeLab29. You will need to attach Stack.java (interface) and the ArrayStack.java files that we created earlier in the week.
    Lab 29 Documentation - Lab29.doc
    -Maze.class - drop this into the classes folder and hit f5 without f7 so you can see a few working runs of the program. You might want to keep a working copy of this in the main MazeLab29 folder.
    -Maze.java - partial file


    Two Player Chomp
    Chomp Against The Very Smart Computer
    Chomp Java Source Files
    First make a new Project that is a Java Applet in JCreator - Download all these files in to the source folder then refresh from local.
    Download this file into the classes folder - if your program does not run due to traffic issue then you must copy your classes folder to the desktop and double click on the runjava.bat file - also set the properties so the output path is the desktop/classes folder you just put on the desktop. You must copy this folder each time you log into the machine.

    - Play the complete Puzzle Game.


    pegs.exe - c++ program written by Scott Mulderig..download and have fun!!

    Sorting and Searching Sites for Computer Science Students


    APComputerScience.com - Dave Wittry Site

    Heap Sort Demo

    Binary Tree Demos - 1

    Binary Tree Demos - 2

    Binary Tree Demos - 3

    Sorting Algos 2 - Great description of selection and quicksort. Also visuals on hashing and parsing algorithms. Sorting Algos 1 - Does step through. Shows the upper/lower/right pivot/left pivot. NICE!
    Sorting Algos 2 - Great description of selection and quicksort. Also visuals on hashing and parsing algorithms.
    Sorting Algos 3 -Java Applets For Data Structures and Algorithms. Includes excellent visuals for all sorts and also for the linear and binary searches. Also recursion, Towers of Hanoi, stacks, queues and linked lists.
    Sorting Algos 4 - NICE - Step through one by one. Also nice breakdown of algos.
    Sorting Algos 5ANIMATIONS - Just about any computer science topic animated and explained with visuals.

    Other Site for Advanced Placement Computer Science Students

    About.com Computer Science - C++ Algorithms, weekly quiz, women and cs and much more.

    Understanding Data Structures step-by-step the design, construction, and implementation of the most common data structures used in software development today. Excellent Visuals. Lots or Linked List algorithm analisis.
    Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++ An Online Book that covers every topic in AP Computer Science.

    Brewing Java - An Online Java Tutorial for the more motivated AP Students.

    Web based online course in the fundamentals of programming using the C++ programming language. MIT University provides this from their IT page.

    Free Time Websites For High School Students

    History Channel - This day in history, What happened on your birthday? Weekly quiz and poll, Technology timeline and tons of other interesting history topics.

    Newsday Crossword Puzzle - Changes daily!! Increase your vocabulary and have fun at the same time!

    Discovery School - Up to the minute science "Animal Cams", Daily MATH Brain boosters, Dictionary Plus, Social Studies A-Z Encyclopedia, Clipart Gallery, English anagram solver and tons of new things daily. Spend some time browsing. Share interesting areas with your friends!!

    THINKQUEST Winners - a registry of winning websites since 1996. These were all student created and designed for the Thinkquest website contest. Do you have a topic that you would like to create a site for??

    Exploratorium - Live Webcastes, the Brain Explorer for grades 9-12, Ten Cool Sites updated monthly, Sport science and lots more daily.